Technology Coordinator, Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools

Brecksville, Ohio — 2000 – present

Oversee all aspects of operational and instructional technology, including planning, budgeting, deployment, support, and professional development. Manage department overseeing 6,000 network devices across eight facilities. Design and support infrastructure including file/print servers, wireless, LAN/WAN, web services, cloud tools, and backups. Manage synchronization efforts among disparate applications. Participate as a senior member of the district leadership team, advising on academic, technology, and management issues. Participate in the district’s development of next generation learning practices, including the effect of those efforts on pedagogy, assessment, and professional practice.

Major Accomplishments

  • Designed and implemented a digital learning plan to address next generation learning needs at all grade levels.
  • Designed and implemented a technology program to achieve a sustainable 1:1 technology program for students and staff.
  • Coordinated the creation of a center for innovation and technology in education, which unifies district-wide technology and professional development efforts.
    Standardized technology purchases to reduce costs, simplify support, and alleviate interoperability issues.
  • Designed and implemented campus-wide network upgrade to fully managed gigabit.
  • Created wireless network solution to support two devices per person in all buildings.
  • Implemented the use of free and open source server software across the district.
  • Led the transition to Google Apps for Education, reducing locally hosted services.
  • Coordinated technology support for online testing, creating an environment that supports the simultaneous online testing of 1,500 students across six buildings.

Teacher, Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools

Brecksville, Ohio — 1999 – 2001

Taught high school computer programming. Supported high school technology, including installation of equipment, resolution of problems, network management, and professional development. Led technology planning initiatives at the building and district levels.

Major Accomplishments

  • Doubled the high school programming course enrollment in two years.
  • Designed and implemented technology inservice programs for high school staff.
  • Single-handedly supported all district technology for 4,600 students and 500 staff members over eight facilities for eight months.

Teacher, Hudson City Schools

Hudson, Ohio — 1995 – 1999

Developed curriculum for middle school computer course focused on information literacy, collaboration, and communication with technology. Taught computer applications and keyboarding courses. Served as a leader and advisor within the building on operational and instructional technology, and on the district’s technology advisory committee.

Major Accomplishments

  • Revised curriculum to emphasize productivity tools and online research.
  • Conducted research on student online interaction in an academic environment.
  • Developed online applications to teach students to evaluate and cite online sources.
  • Built relationships with local business and Chamber of Commerce to develop student-managed web site for the community.

Teacher, Parma City Schools

Parma, Ohio — 1993 – 1999

Designed and taught middle school computer course focused on computer literacy and computer applications. Served as an advisor to building and district staff on technology issues.

Major Accomplishments

  • Instituted computer applications program in middle school.
  • Developed coursework and activities for teaching computer applications.
  • Exposed students and staff to the Internet for the first time.